Root and history

Born in the UK, pivoting to the Asia-Pacific, Hathor Chemical has been closely following the shifts of market growth and the upgrading demands of the specialty lubricants and chemical industry in the new markets ever since the late 20th century.  Along the way, we have accumulated abundant knowledge and experience to better meet the harsh requirements of high-end products. As a natural extension to our consulting business,  Hathor Chemical’s eponymous brand – ‘Hathor’ breathe new life into the chemical industry in a bold note. Not only appears with a fresh look, but our products also seal up more than three decades of expertise in various industrial fields.  

Unlike the industry giants, we pay extra attention to the particular operating conditions and user contexts of each customer to provide holistic solutions and optimized customer experience. Live up to the ethos of mass customization, we source carefully from the most trustworthy suppliers and fulfill tailored orders through our filling plants across the globe.

hathor Believes in forging new, nourishing relationships between people and machines

Mission and Vision

Here, at Hathor, we adore and partner with a community of the people who dare to care; who take machinery maintenance beyond the bare necessities; who look further than the immediate consequences of their choices; who empower themselves and their machines to collaborate, create, and celebrate the arrival of a human-machine integration.

Reject the stereotype before and focus on the nature of care now. This is not androgyny but totality; a calm wholeness to design and an attitude that departs from the freneticism of the industry norm – not brutal exploitation, but an inner strength linked with compassion and the establishing of a bond that fuels positivity between man, machine and nature.

In case you are a machine-loving expert, we hope you can join us in spreading the essential mechanical and chemical tips here and there on this site. And for the rest, be prepared for the bombardments of hipster arts and cultures hand-picked by our community. Well, after all, you may as well become a fan of cyberpunk, future synth, and other quirky stuff like we did.


HATHOR - the beloved ancient Egyptian goddess of love, joy, and creativity - was chosen as the name of ourbrand.  This is because we want to challenge the blind chase of cost-efficiency in the field of lubricant and chemical industry and to incorporate more humane values to pursue a harmony of man, machines, and nature.

Appreciation of beauty & excellence
Notice and appreciate beauty, excellence and/or skilled performance in everyday experience. We see machine maintenance beyond its mundane boredom; by incorporating humanity, we can transform and upskill unappreciated chores into nourishing skills and rituals.

Acknowledging the goodness in your life. Recognizing the source of this goodness is outside yourself. We honor machines as more than just disposable tools, and we strive to provide products to serve their wellbeing, which in turn serves a higher goal of better technology and machine integration into humanity and their co-existence.

Positive expectations about the future. We are motivated by the promise of a symbiotic relationship between man and machine, and we remain optimistic and unwavering in the future of its development.

We choose our premium raw materials carefully and we only source from quality assured plants.
We strive to provide high-end products at an affordable price by tailoring to the client’s exact need.
We are easy to grasp and advocate for application that is as uncomplicated as possible. We Are always ready to serve and help.

hathor hopes to incorporate humane value into machine Maintenance and chemical industry.

Social responsibility

As machines become increasingly complex and intelligent thanks to the rapid spreading IOT technology, they are carrying more and more essential responsibilities in serving today’s society. While the contribution of machines is on a steady rise, their operating conditions are often compromised, mainly due to a neglect of care and maintenance. Many are disposed before their full life expectancy, or already operating in a poor state in their early years. This not only creates technical issues but also negative environmental ones.

Here at Hathor, we are challenging the conventional attitude towards machines and their maintenance. We want to look beyond the quick fixes that create future long term problems and reform the cost-driven approach that results in environmental harm.

HATHOR is committed to the development of new materials that will serve the emerging needs of mechanical maintenance while honoring the raw materials as a natural source. As we continue to observe the-evolution of innovation and our environment towards a merging point, we hope that our endeavors will continue to bridge the gap between nature and man-made creations. We believe in this way, machines can develop a healthy and meaningful coexistence with the future of mankind.