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Here, at Hathor, we adore and partner with a community of the people who dare to care; who take machinery maintenance beyond the bare necessities; who look further than the immediate consequences of their choices; who empower themselves and their machines to collaborate, create, and celebrate the arrival of a human-machine integration.

Reject the stereotype before and focus on the nature of care now. This is not androgyny but totality; a calm wholeness to design and an attitude that departs from the freneticism of the industry norm – not brutal exploitation, but an inner strength linked with compassion and the establishing of a bond that fuels positivity between man, machine and nature.

In case you are a machine-loving expert, we hope you can join us in spreading the essential mechanical and chemical tips here and there on this site. And for the rest, be prepared for the bombardments of hipster arts and cultures hand-picked by our community. Well, after all, you may as well become a fan of cyberpunk, future synth, and other quirky stuff like we did.

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